Why Insulate?

Comfortable Living

Properly insulated homes can improve comfort, reduce drafts, enhance air quality and increase sound dampening effects.

Energy Savings

Nationwide, families can expect to pay nearly 18% more to heat their homes for the 2023-2024 winter season. Improved insulation in your home can reduce energy costs significantly! For example, RetroFoam premium injection foam can reduce energy costs up to 50%.

Convenient Install

Insulate without the mess of a full remodel. Our wall insulation is typically done from the exterior and can be done with multiple wall types such as aluminum, vinyl, brick, wood, stucco and more.

Home Value

Homebuyers are interested in more than just how many bedrooms a house has. Heating and cooling costs are important features when considering a purchase.

Why Customers Trust PHI

At PHI our values matter to us. We strive to treat every customer, employee and associate like we would family. We bring open and honest communication to the table. Our proven customer experience focuses on being respectful of your time and your home. As seen in our customer reviews, we take every necessary step to provide total customer satisfaction. Finally, our word is our promise. We look forward to working with you!

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