Beautiful Epoxy Flooring

PHI’s epoxy flooring systems cover ugly damaged concrete to give you a beautiful new look for your everyday spaces! You can choose from a large collection of professionally designed color patterns from our partners at Torginol. Our flooring systems create seamless surfaces that are very durable and easy to maintain, while enhancing your floors.

The installation process is typically 1-2 days.  Projects consist of repairing any cracks, grinding over the surface, troweling, rolling on the basecoat and broadcasting the FLAKE coating.  Next, we scrape the floor, smooth and topcoat. During your free in-home estimate, our Design Consultant will answer any questions you may have, go over all your color options and review the flooring process in detail.

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Why PHI Epoxy Flooring?

Durable gloss finish
Easy to maintain
1-2 day install
Vehicle-ready in 24-48 hours after install
UV resistant
Chemical resistant
High abrasion resistance
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Epoxy Flooring FAQs

The type of epoxy flooring we provide at PHI is polyapartic.

What is polyaspartic flooring?

Developed in the 1990s as a corrosion-resistant coating, polyaspartic floor coatings have risen in popularity in commercial and residential applications. It is the great economical option for long-lasting, durable, and great-looking floors.

Polyaspartic floor coatings combine ester and various other materials to create an aliphatic and polyurea sealer. It is most commonly used in garages, basements, and commercial/ industrial spaces.

How durable is polyaspartic flooring?

Very! Polyaspartic floors last up to 25 years with regular maintenance. At PHI we offer a 5 year warranty for indoor projects and a 1 year warranty on outdoor projects, covering material and labor.

Can’t I just do it myself?

This is a big one. The answer is, of course, you can; there are DIY flooring kits out there. But the real question is, should you? Polyaspartics, while extremely long-wearing, can be tricky to install. That’s because they require a perfectly prepared surface to adhere properly. And, most people just don’t have the expertise or professional equipment required to do it right. We recommend professional installation to achieve professional results.

How should I prepare for installation?

This is a great opportunity to organize tools, dispose of unwanted items and to generally de-clutter your garage. Ideally, when the crew arrives, your garage should be an empty room or at least have nothing on the floor. It is recommended that also you cover any hanging storage in plastic to avoid dust covering it.

How long until I can use my space after install?

One of the best things about polyaspartic floors is they only take 1-2 days to install and cure in 24-48 hours. That means you should be able to use your garage soon after!

How do I maintain the flooring after install?

Regular dust mopping the floor to remove abrasive dirt is recommended and it is best cleaned by mopping with mild soapy water. If more aggressive cleaning is needed, use a nylon bristle brush and mild soapy water. Many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your floor.

When should polyaspartic flooring not be used?

If flooring has obvious water intrusion or floor unevenness is a concern, then polyaspartic flooring is not the best choice. Polyaspartic finishes are completely non-porous and will not change the contour of the concrete. If you’re concerned about these issues, our Primary Stone flooring is a better option for you.

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"It’s been (2) weeks since we foam insulated our entire exterior.  The furnace runs approximately 70% less and we don’t hear any exterior noise from sidewalk/traffic. Very pleased with the investment, should pay for itself in 5-6 years on energy."

Evan Goslee

Cleveland, OH

"Very professional! Did a whole house insulation job including attic. The techs were very professional, courteous and cleaned up when they were done! We are very pleased with their work and would highly recommend Primary Home Improvements!"

Roger Johnston

Elyria, OH

"They did a great job reinsulating our home. True professionals,  in every way. On one of the coldest days this winter they did the work without any shortcuts. Mike has a very special relationship with his guys and it's reflected in the job they do."

Frank Scibilia

Akron, OH

"What a fantastic experience! We had insulation blown in our attic. Kevin was amazing when he came out to give us a quote, he explained everything and made us feel comfortable choosing them. The crew came out, explained everything they were going to do and they were done in an hour and a half. They were clean and very professional."

Matt Kaczor

Shaker Heights, OH

"Nice guys, drove all the way out to Kent to look at insulating my converted 3 seasons room. Didn't end up needing them, but they were very honest and up front and explained exactly what my problem was and how to solve it. 10/10."

Sean Pavlak

Lyndhurst, OH

"PHI Knows How to Over-Impress!When Mike and his crew arrived to complete the work on our home, they were incredibly respectful and professional.PHI is highly recommended by us, and we are so appreciative that we found them!"

Heather Lewis

Cleveland, OH