Signs of an Under-Insulated Home


Are you noticing small or large temperature changes inside your home? Maybe one room is colder or hotter than the rest, or you hear a lot of noise from the outside world. To find the solution to the problems you are noticing, look within... your walls. Insulation is a part of the home that can be forgotten at times, but truly makes the difference in comfortability and saving on energy costs. It is estimated that 90% of US homes are under-insulated, and your home may be one of them! Properly insulating your home has many benefits.

Here are some signs that your home may be under-insulated.

Warning Signs

1. Temperature Discrepancies

Are you walking to and from your thermostat more than you would like to admit? You change it to your desired temperature and then not long after it is back to that undesired number. Another inconstancy is if the air is working in one room and not the other. For example, the first level feels great but the second level mimics the weather outside. This can be extremely frustrating for homeowners to take time to babysit the thermostat and run around trying to control the temperatures throughout the home. Getting your home properly insulated can ease all temperature discrepancies you live with, leaving you less frustrated and more comfortable.

2. High Energy Bills

In this economy, higher energy bills are the last thing you want to worry about. HVAC systems must work harder and longer to compensate for the lack of insulation. Drafts allow air to escape from wherever insulation is inadequate: doors, windows, walls, and attics. This results in increased energy usage rates each month. Insulation creates an air seal that will stop these annoying drafts from getting inside your home.

Rates for the Northeast Cleveland area are being increased by nearly twice as much starting June 2023. For FirstEnergy customers in Ohio, usage cost will increase from the current 5.9 cents per kilowatt an hour to a forecasted 10.2 cents per kilowatt. Combat these increases and changes in rates by insulating your walls and attic. You will shortly notice decreases in energy costs of up to 50%!

3. Increased Noise in Your Home

You may think your walls are thin, but in reality, your home is under-insulated. Cars driving past, neighbors talking, dogs barking, emergency vehicles honking, teenagers jamming to music in their room are all noises you may be hearing at a higher decibel level than necessary. Insulation has sound deadening qualities that reduce noise in your home to give you a quieter space. Although completely soundproofing your home is not possible, sound dampening is possible and will muffle the noises in your home so that they are less distracting.

Watch this video to hear the sound deadening qualities of RetroFoam insulation.

4. Freezing Pipes and Moisture

Frozen pipes and moisture in your home are a nightmare to take care of and can be a costly problem if not dealt with properly. Under-insulated homes struggle with frozen pipes because the lines are typically in unheated areas. If the pipes burst, it can cause flooding and other severe damage to your home. Insulating the areas around the pipelines can prevent these issues from ruining your home.

Moisture and condensation can appear in your attic when there is insufficient insulation. High moisture levels can cause mold and mildew growth along with water damage. This problem can also be costly. Premium fiberglass insulation is resistant to moisture, fungus, and mold growth and will keep excess moisture out of your home.


Primary Home Improvements can help you with any insulation needs. We provide high quality wall and attic insulation with 1-day installations on most projects!

Primary Home Improvement uses premium fiberglass insulation that will not change from its intended R-value over its lifetime or settle in your attic. Premium fiberglass insulation is resistant to moisture, fungus, and mold growth. This means that the R-value will not change or sag, preserving thermal performance over time. Attic insulation is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce energy loss - and save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs!

Our Exclusive RetroFoam injection foam insulation is added to the existing walls of your home without the mess of a remodel. It can be used on multiple wall types and has many benefits such as: a 30% higher R-value than traditional insulation, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, class 1 fire rated and has sound deadening affects. Even though RetroFoam has been around for more than 35 years, it is a more effective and cutting-edge insulation solution because of how well the foam air seals in wall cavities.

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